vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Silk Saw : 8 Reports [Ant-Zen 2006]

OK, last one of my Silk Saw themed posts, with an album more in the line of their early Ant-Zen records... I hope you liked these records, and go buy them (it it was just for the wonderful packaging, they still worth it) and the other projects of the members of Silk Saw too (Jardin d'Usure, Rob (U) Rang, Individual...)
  • Conductor
  • Faceless
  • Faggoted
  • Failure
  • Barrel, Inside
  • Sleep will come
  • Relegation
  • Defeated
8 Reports

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Anonyme a dit…

Excellent blog! Is there a way to add the work of 'The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud' in another host? please...

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for these Silky Sawies. Is it possible to up something from the other projects of the members? Would like to check that out too..



Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for Sielwolf and Silk Saw.

Anonyme a dit…

Nice story as for me. I'd like to read more about that matter.
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Anonyme a dit…

Heh, I think someone from Ant-Zen went through and got all their files deleted from Megaupload. All your links to the Ant-Zen titles are dead.

Fortunately for me, I found each one of these elsewhere, and in 320. :^) I guess the Ant-Zen narc wasn't very complete...

Anonyme a dit…

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Maddie a dit…

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