vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Silk Saw : 8 Reports [Ant-Zen 2006]

OK, last one of my Silk Saw themed posts, with an album more in the line of their early Ant-Zen records... I hope you liked these records, and go buy them (it it was just for the wonderful packaging, they still worth it) and the other projects of the members of Silk Saw too (Jardin d'Usure, Rob (U) Rang, Individual...)
  • Conductor
  • Faceless
  • Faggoted
  • Failure
  • Barrel, Inside
  • Sleep will come
  • Relegation
  • Defeated
8 Reports

SIlk Saw : Empty Rooms [Ant-Zen 2005]

After a short break, let's ontinue our (re) discovery of Silk Saw's discography shall we ? This time with the more conceptual Empty Rooms, used in theatrics performances...
  • Konservatorium
  • Tyrann
  • Machine de Mémoire
  • Chor
  • Commedia
  • Hölderlin und Zimmer
  • Vorzimmer
  • Palladium
  • Catharsis
  • Accademia
  • Sphinge
  • 2500 Jahre
  • Einaktiges Stück
Empty Rooms

mercredi 5 septembre 2007

Silk Saw : 4th Dividers [Ant-Zen 2000]

  • Angledozer
  • Safe Area
  • Empty Plug
  • No Twists no Turns
  • Pave the Way
  • Secretive Carillon
  • Hinterland
  • Ratchet Mechanism
  • Contre-Porte
  • Division
  • Parapet Walk
  • Wrong Door
4th Dividers

Silk Saw : Preparing Wars [Ant-Zen 1998]

By joining the german industrial label, Silk Saw undergo a musical change : more rhythmic, more agressive, Preparing Wars is not quite industrial but still... In the future these two tendencies will balance again in Silk Saw, but for now on, enjoy their fighting side...

  • Blank Clank
  • Smooth as Silk
  • Sunk Fence
  • This Machine kills
  • Antechamber
  • Accu / Ammo
  • Cut the King (Jumbled Vers)
Preparing Wars

samedi 1 septembre 2007

Silk Saw : Dystopia [Sub Rosa 1997]

In the same vein as Come freely, go safely, this second album of Silk Saw may be considered as the last of their first phase...
  • Bride of Gor
  • You & I
  • The Name of Rhum is
  • This is the Bomb (Bomb 1)
  • Grenade (Bomb 2)
  • Use it, throw it !
  • A perfect Human Brain


Silk Saw : Come freely, go safely [Sub Rosa 1996]

First album by the belgian duo Silk Saw, which, in the late 90's began to merge together idm and illbient moods to the more "musique concrête" approach they had with their previous project Jardin d'Usure... A real gem...
  • Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood
  • Broadcast Trouble
  • My Body is the Treasure
  • The Treasure ?
  • A degenerate Form of drowned Atlantis
  • Calling N.Y / Booze-up mix
  • Hard to believe

Come freely, go safely